Amon Sûl (Elfish for Hill of the Wind) is commenly known as Weathertop. An old watch tower, when the hobbits try to camp there, is in ruin.

MOC Weathertop/Amon Sûl

So in 1781 French and American troops had a little get-together with teh Brittish in Yorktown, it was a very nice party and everyone loved it, or so I’m told. […]

MOC Battle of Yorktown

Swebricks 4th quater contest category medium (16×16 studs)Name: It becomes an awesome christmas this year again. Swedish Pun to add an extra T in Fet (fat/awesome) but becomes Baba Fett […]

MOC Det blir en Fett jul i år igen

My creation of JK Brickworks Pursuit of Flight After seeing JKBrickworks Pursuit of Flight (support his Idea projekted if you haven’t) I just needed to make my own. So after hours of […]

MOC Fight over Flanders

A new painting remake. This time it is Scotland Forever! by Lady Bulter. Scotland Forever! portret the Royal Scots Grey at the battle of Waterloo. Notice the lack of two […]

MOC Scotland Forever!

So here it is, the Panzer VI Tiger also known at Tiger Tank from World War 2. It is IR remote controlled. It is in dark tan as it from […]

MOC Panzer VI Tiger Power Functions