AT-ST new vs old (comparing 7657, 8038 and 75153)

AT-ST new vs old (comparing 7657, 8038 and 75153)

dsc_1051So here we are again, a new set of Legos AT-ST. There have been some sets throu the years. One Imperial AT-ST UCS 10174 (Ultimate Collector’s Series), some miniversions (Planetset och Polybags), one in Battle of Endor 8038 och now a third version of the middlesize. In this post I will show some differences between AT-ST 7657 from 2007, Battle of Endor 8038 from 2009 and AT-ST Walker 75153 from 2016. I have skipped the AT-ST 7127 from 2001 and Imperial AT-ST – UCS 10174 from 2006.

dsc_1052I will try so show the differences and make a judgment of which set I like the most, and hopefully I can explain why. First of all I want to say there are differences between the sets, and they are from different years.

dsc_1053First there is a size difference, 75153 is the biggest, than there is 7657 and soon behind it is 8038. But if you look the piece differences you got 75153 with 449 pieces, 8038 with 262 pieces and 7657 with 244 pieces. If we look the legs they are really 2 different building technics. The 7657 used Lego hinges and 8038 and 75153 uses technic. 75153 have some plates to cover the technic that 8038 doesn’t have. As for the head you can see both 8038 and 75153 have horizontal plates and 7657 is made by bricks. this makes 75153 and 8038 look more like the movies.

dsc_1054Here you see the head is flatter/more box on the 7657. Also you can see that the head of 75153 and 8038 is more forward tilting than 7657.

dsc_1055From behind you can see the leg technics differences more clear. From the left to right you see 8038 which legs are fixed, but can be moved by the tan technic gear. 7657 is in the middle with it’s hinge legs and the head can be moved with the technic gear. to the right you see 75153 with both movable legs (by hand) and movable tower by the round brick with Grille and Axle Hole. You can see on the 75153 under the head but over the legs you have two Spring Shooter Dart.

dsc_1057Last but not least the inside of the head. Here you can see that 75153 is outstanding, with its almost 200 more pieces. You can easy get both fingers and minifigs into it. Which was a problem in both 8038 and 7657. It doesn’t help that I have sausage fingers.

So the evaluation is as follows. 75153 is the better set of these three. There are years apart and Lego have really improved the AT-ST. Still think there can be more improvements but it is by far the most fun set to build.

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