Jurassic Park MOC

Here is my never ending Jurassic Park MOC. The MOC is based so far on the Jurassic Park movie. I made the whole MOC in sections and it is to be displayed as island. To be able to have it in smaller sections I can make smaller creations in this MOC and the whole MOC grows.

Jurassic Park Gate

The first park of the MOC is probably the most iconic; it was the Jurassic Park gate. It was made by looking at the movie and still pictures. I added the Pteranodon for the look.

Research Lab

This MOC was an experiment, 12×12 stunds it is very small. I wanted to add some lab people but only found Jurassic World minifigs. it have to do.

The Jeep

I wanted to make a great jeep, but how ever I made it it become to big. I wanted it to be able to fit some what into the gate. You can se Hammond, Grant and Malcom in the jeep. I will later make a Ellie also.

The Toilet moment

I like this part. Most people will recognize the part in the movie. The toilet moment when the lawyer Donald Gennaro gets eaten by the T-rex.



The first photo is taken by Jonas Wide (Gideon, Swebrick) You can see more of his photos on his Flickr

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