MOC Götheborg third edition

The third edition is done. I have changed the rail (the blue and yellow) in the prow and in the port. I remade the hope port to get a more V form. I also remade the whole ship so it can be taken apart. Interior was also added, on the second deck(middle) it was cannons, sailors, captains quarters, tables and cannonballs. On the first deck (lowest) I added the cargo deck with cargo.
I know it needs berths and the ballast is also missing. But I don’t know what I should use to make the berths as they should be very small. The Ballast should be under the first deck but I made the decks to high so I will just skip the ballast.

Some measurements

The original ship (The LEGO ship)

Length: 58,5 m (60 cm)

Width: 10,94 m (11 cm)

Mast height from deck: 40,5 meter (38 cm)

The LEGO ship should be around 1:100 in scale.

Sailors height is 1,7 cm and with the 1:100 scale they are 170 cm. The average height of Swedish men in the 1800 century was somewhere between 170 and 180 cm.

Here is the rail in the prow. more of the V-shape

Here is the rail and whole back part remade in the port.

Ship without the mast

Second deck

First deck

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