So I made a small microscale battle of Trafalgar. The ships represents their nations, Fracne and Spain against the Brittish.

MOC Battle of Trafalgar

Swebrick have a small contest. Make a scene 32×32 from one of the Star Wars movies. I made the Darth Vader scene at the end of the Rogue One movie. […]

MOC Star Wars Rogue One Darth Vader

This is my first mecha ever, I haven’t even done the Exo Suit LEGO made some years ago. So it is an all-new for me and what a pain it […]

MOC Mecha Wolfe Zero version 1.

The third edition is done. I have changed the rail (the blue and yellow) in the prow and in the port. I remade the hope port to get a more V […]

MOC Götheborg third edition

When you start a project, sometimes it is hard to just leave it there. So here is the second edition of the Ostindiefararen Götheborg. What has been done Net that […]

MOC Götheborg second edition.

Götheborg is a Swedish East Indiaman and sank outside Gothenburg in 1745. This is the first version that I made of it. It’s not really ready, I have ordered some […]

MOC Götheborg first edition.

Death Star II over Endor MOC I’m not a technic guy but I wanted to test something. I saw MOC-5505 Death Star II midi-scale by집중 (Jinwonpark) and just wanted to […]

Death Star II over Endor MOC

Rey’s Speeder scene MOD/MOC Rey’s speeder 75099 is a great little set. So I made a little scene from the Star Wars Episode VII the Force Awakens. I made Rey scavenge […]

Rey’s Speeder scene MOD/MOC

Here is my never ending Jurassic Park MOC. The MOC is based so far on the Jurassic Park movie. I made the whole MOC in sections and it is to […]

Jurassic Park MOC