Star Wars the Old Republic frame with LEGO minifigs

The past mounths I have been thinking of making something in the area of framed minifigures. After some time thinking I desided to make if out of the Star Wars the Old Republic (SWtOR) minifigures. It is the followup game to my favorit game of all times, Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II Sith Lords. But as LEGO haven’t made any minifigures of that game I had to go by the next best thing.

I got the frame, PVC plastic 230 x 230 x 5 mm and I photshoped together The SWtOR loga onto a concept art from the same game. I hade to buy the minifigs. After all the basic stuff was done I needed to make LED work. I’m no pro in this field so I got a friend to help me, Mullemannen from Swebrick.

We put one LED behind each minifigure and a led behind every lightsaber blade. That is 15 LED in total. I took some pictures of of the progress. What you don’t see is that we filed down the backside of 2555, Tile, Modified 1 x 1 with Clip for the LED to fit behind.

We started with the 6 LEDs behind the minifigure. We used a 1 mm drill for both the anode(+) and the cathode (-) and used glue to get them to stick. Mullemannen solder the the endings.

After the 6 LED behind the minifigues we added 1 LED for every lightsaber blade, as some lightsabers have 2 blades it ended up as 9 LED.

Before we added Electric tape I snapped this picture.

This is the on and off botton. I can also replace it so I can use a wallplugg.

Not the best picture but cant get a better handhold in the dark.

This is the endresult with flash on camera.

This is what you need to make your own.

Frame: Ikea Ribba 23×23 cm

Picture: Taris, concept art

Plastic: PVC Platic with 3660 Slope, Inverted 45 2 x 2

Minifigs: Satele Shan sw 389, Jedi Knight sw 500, Jedi Consular sw 501, Darth Revan sw 547, Darth Malgus sw 413, Sith Warrior sw 499

Light: LED 18 mm 2700-3000 kelvin

Electricity: 2x 1,5 AA battery

Electricity is made with the help of Mullemannen from Swebrick, his LEGO Facebook is Lazytownthelegoworld

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