Views on LEGO set design with Jordan David Scott

Views on LEGO set design with Jordan David Scott

It’s in the middle of March in Sweden and Swebrick is having their annual show. During the show we had Jordan David Scott, senior model designer from LEGO, with us. He was showing some of the sets he has designed to the public and had a presentation one evening for the Swebrick members.

The MetalBeard’s Sea Cow, photo:

Jordan David Scott and his designs

Jordan David Scott is from Scotland. You will notice that on the hair and beard and the love for blue and white. Jordan has also a love for the Jurassic Park movies. He started working with the castle theme team, but the team was moved over to Lord of the Rings theme. Jordan did four trees, that including the Ent in the Tower of Orthanc which he also did the top part. Later he made the MetalBeard’s Sea Cow from the LEGO Movie. Jordan have also worked in the Star Wars theme team, where he made both the black and orange X-Wing and the blue and white, which should from now be known as the Scottish X-Wing. Jordan also made the Dilophosaurus Ambush set in Jurassic World, which we know he loved as it is the 4th movie in the Jurassic Park series. He is currently working with The LEGO Movie 2.

My Jurassic Park Gate MOC

Swebrick annual show

The Swebrick annual show is three days long, one day building, two day shows, with activates for members in the evening, this time it was a great presentation from Jordan Scott. The first evening we were some Swebrick members sitting in the bar talking. After some chair switching I got the chair next to Jordan Scott (yes this is stalker warning all other this). We talked about many things, LEGO, games, movies and so on. Jordan is a very open person. People will always ask for inside LEGO information and he is very clear what he can talk about and not in a friendly manner. If you talk to him you will notice that he is down to earth, that he loves LEGO and what he works with. He loves tabletops game and computer games. I guess he likes more stuff than this but we didn’t talk about those things.

Here is a video on the UCS Snowspeeder. That Jordan designed.

How to create a lego set

During the presentation he told his journey to become a LEGO set designer. How set can develop and be dropped very fast. How LEGO partners have a say in what they want in a LEGO set. Like the color might be hard to see in a picture that LEGO get sent to them. They make the same set but in different colors and the partners tell them how the colors match. Jordan showed set that wasn’t in the movies but works with the movies, like the Dilophosaurus Ambush vehicle is never in the movie but the set is developed and released. He talked about how new elements, that’s bricks for those that don’t know, are designed and tested. Jordan told how a set is tested, all sets are tested by children they are designed for. The sets are also heat tested. I could go on what more we got to know about production and set design. Some sets are designed and almost one year later they are released.

Mechamike (Swebrick), Jordan and Vibora (Swebrick) in the Swebrick contest in the evening after show day one. Photo Jonas Wide (Gideon, Swebrick) You can see more of his photos on his Flickr

Jordan leaves impressions

When I talked Jordan I’m amazed how human he is. I have met other LEGO personal before, they are cool. But it feels like Jordan Scott is something extra. He meets you where you are and he gets excited about our MOCs (My Own Creation). This is his first meeting a RLUG (Recognized LEGO User Group) and I hope other RLUG will have the same opportunity as Swebrick got this time.

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