My journey in 

Lego Masters Sweden 2022

Episode 1

Stop the train

Assignment: Get the train to stop at your station.

Our build:  the dragon resort, the dragon is pissed because it havn't resived its offering. The dragon started to burn a building, some resort visitors are runing with food offerings to the dragon. The host, Mauri and the judge Magnus stands on the train station. Will the judge pull the stop for the train and be saved from the dragon.

The judgement: we got praised for our building technic but our story was lacking.

The judge had a different story: a fire has started and the friendly dragon spirit comes to the rescue.

Things to notice: The dragon is white and dark turquoise with trans-light blue as flames. Inspired by Haku from Spirited Away. There is around 200+ 32607, plant Plate, round 1x1 with 3 leaves on the ground. Infront of the rail is says Leo and Sergio under the flowers in reddish brown. The floor near the front of the resort is SNOTed(Studs Not On Top). The chines sign is from the Porsche 911, 10295.

Hello world
Hello world

Episode 2

Build a hat 

Assignment: We are to build a hat, walk on the catwalk, don't hold the hat for five seconds, and walk back.

Our build: We got a pirate costume as building inspiration. Or that is what we saw. So we started building a hat, a 90ish pirate hat, with a ship on. Why you ask? We are bloody pirates what's why.

The judgement: Edvin, the guest judge gave our build the best resembles to our costume. Magnus, the all mighty judge said, we built the biggest and haviest hat. We should try build more round.

The eye of the beholder

Assignment: Make a painting that tells a story, but it's the beholder that interpreters the painting. 

Our build: We build a paining about friendship. Someone is down and a little gray, strugeling with his/hers demons. A colorfull friends helps his friend to the happy side of life. 

The judgement: Magnus said this painting spoke to him the most. He saw me and Sergios friendship in the painting. Maybe not our first thought but as long as we don't get 
eliminated we are happy.

Things to notice:On the ship Edvin forces Mouri to talk the plank. Magnus is sailing the ship. Ella and Julia, two of the production crew, is on the ship also.

The sun in the painting is a lego plate, that you eat on, and minifig hands. The demon "shrimp" is made out of lego tires mainly.

Episode 3

High jump

Assignment: Be the first one to build two high jump standards. The first one that can put the crossbar at 181 cm (in the middle) wins.

Our build: We where the fasted to get the hight but out build wasn't stable enoth to hold the crossbar. 

Princess castle

Assignment: Build a castle/story around you minifig princess.

Our build: Our story was that the princess of the sand took over the sand castle that the kids had left after playing, with her magic she started to build it higher so the small animals could be safe from the evil crabs. Then suddenly a volleyball (the bowling ball) comes out of nowhere and destroy everything. 

The judgement: The story was good, hard to work with tan/sand colors. But the sand castle was more of a sand fort with a high tower. The details worked well, the crabs, the cap and the bucket showed that it was a beach and kids had played here. 

Things to notice: We tried the crossbar tree times and we failed all of those tries. The problem was that the crossbar glided of the stands, we tried with rubber tries to fix it but gravety was our enemy. The tower of the build rotated in that direction it should if a ball should hit it. Behind the bucked (watch the last picture) Magnus and Mauri was trying to find gold with metal detectors.

Hello world
Hello world

Episode 4

Duplo popcorn cup

Assignment: Build a popcorn cup that is atleast i meter high and can contain 150 L popcorn. 

Our build: We wanted to make a popcorn monster that eats all who isn't allowed to eat the popcorn.

The judgement: The judje thought it look more like a milkshake then a monster. But he saw the story in it. 

Movie makers

Assignment:  Build a movie scene in the genre that you get. We got adventure. When it was 2 hours left we had to change genre to our genre AND comedy.

Our build: We built a movie background and a car chase. The banan villain have stolen all the fruits so everyone had to eat banans. Will the heros, the second car, catch the villain before he gets home to the banana lair. 

The judgement: The background worked really good, the chase was good, specially that the second car tried and failed to catch up the to villain. The story wasn't that clear and the foreground could have been better.

Things to notice: The last picture is of a poster we got from the production. I had mine signed by the judje and host, and all the teams, with their names on there genre. 

Episode 5

Copy flowers

Assignment: We are to copy 5 flowers, five of each. Fastest wins 

Our build: We build fastest but not correct. had two errors. But we where not alone. 

Wedding cake

Assignment: Build a wedding cake, the base is fixed before and we are to build inside it and add the toppings.

Our build: We made the scene when Joakim proposed in TV to Johanna. 

The judgement: Good ide! Didn't like the TV, lacked the TV antenna, look more like a microwave oven. The outside is really good made.

Things to notice: The small cload in the TV is a ring and a question mark. The LM painting of course Lego Masters, the bookshelf over the TV is the things Joakim built that episode when he proposed. On Johannas side you see bees close to the fresh flowers, the wood in the fireplace is irregularly and the string that pulls down the JAA! (Yes! in English) is camouflaged as a

curtain something something (I'm good at lego not interial stuff)

Hello world
Hello world

Episode 6


Assignment: Build in the snoglobe and make something cool when you "shake" (airpump fake snow) the globe.

Our build: We built a pillow fight between the host and the judge, where they share a kids bedroom. 

The judgement:  The wall was a little to high so we didn't get the snow effect we wanted. 

Things to notice: Is says M and M on the bedsheet, Magnus and Mauri.  In the bookshelf there is a ship in a bottle, a cemist set, books, a pot in a pottle (they trying to grow flower as in beauty and beast), also a blue train (60052 maybe), the millennium falcon and maybe something else.


Assignment:  Decorate this doghouse in two hours

Our build: We built a dogwasher, a dog that dishwashes your dishes. Payment is a hundring (pun on swedish 100 note bill combined with hund (dog) and ring).

The judgement: He liked our crazy ide and the plates are hard to make that thin. The bubbles on the top is enhancing the build.

Things to notice: Ilex, my dog in heaven would have loved this one. The green and yellow thing on the top is a chewing toy.


Episode 7

Slowest train

Assignment: Build with rail, the slowest one to get over the finnish line wins. If someone else have their rail in your way you have to build a bridge over it.

Our build: The goal was to get the rail to the finnish line first and then add more later. That way we didn't need to build any bridges. We won, by a landslide, they didn't say the time on TV but we where around 11-15 min, and those that came on second place where around 2 min.

In the World of Music

Assignment: Build a song. As we won we got an advantage, we had to choose songs for our team and the other teams.

Our build: Our song Sean the first Banan (Sean the första Banan) is about the artist, Sean Banan, coming to Sweden. So on one side we have he carpet shop and a desert. On the other side we have the swedish red houses, midsummer pole, spruce/christmas tree. 

The judgement: We made some nice build and the function worked, but the overall picture was lacking. Saidly this was our last build in Lego Masters Sweden. We ended up 4th place.

Things to notice: At the carpet shop we have beards hanging, as Sean sings he is throwing away his beard. The throne is made to look like a banana throne, and Sean has a real size at home. The moose head on the red house is a normal thing to see on the country side of Sweden. We added as many bananas as we could, one is even on the door.

Hello world