LEGO tips

On this page you can find tips like, how to choose what to buy and my recomendations of the year.

How to choose what to buy

Buying LEGO is easy, but getting the right LEGO stuff to the right person is harder. I like to free build, making MOCs (My Own Creation), other people like to buy set and build them, some collect without building and so on. 

If it is a present I would always go for a set. I would scout what themes the person likes and buy according to that. If I buy it for myself I normally buy form BL ( How to use bricklink. (Youtube video). I would recomend Pick A Brick on aswell, sometimes it's better to buy from them. On BL you can find older set and used set if you are looking for that. don't forget to buy from your local area i BL. as customs can be expensive. I live in Sweden som I search for swedish shops first and then bransch out to all of EU. 

Scaning your local market can be good, 
thrift stores can also be good. The second hand market can be realy good if you have the time and are looking for a cheaper alternative. I have both used and new bricks at home and I try to use them for differnet things, used bricks can be good for stuff that you don't see and sometimes old colours can have cool effects.

Good luck

Best sets of the year:

This is a list of three sets that I would recomend people to buy for each year. I have not been payed to say anything about these sets, this is just sets that I would recomend people to buy if they would ask me. I have tried to keep the costs down, meaning I would recomend a 300 $/€/£ set for someone that asks for a biggest set but I generally try to suggest cheaper sets for the reason that people normally ask for recomendations for their kids/bf/gf (and so on). The list is from lowest to highest, starting with the lowest.


XL-15 Spaceship


Disney theme. You get three minifigs and a cat. The ship is solid built and can be a fun set to play with. This is a great set for kids to build but this set has a really fun playablity. I would recomend any parent this set.


Display you favorit serie in a book shelf by building a helmet. The fun thing with helmets are they are nicely designed and can easy be moddified to look cool. Themes like DC, Marvel or Star Wars are easy to find. 

Horizon Forbidden West: Tallneck


Icons theme. You get one minifig and a fun time building, this set is not only really nice to display but really fun to build. Use the

technique you learn from the tallnecks body and legs and you can build any deer or simular animal body.